Steel Building Homes on Sale for $3M on Ebay

Builders looking to sell their homes on Ebays for $2 million or less can now sell them online.

A seller who wants to offer a home for sale on Ebys website must also provide the buyer with a verified email address.

The buyer then must be signed up with the seller’s Ebay account to make a bid.

The seller will also have to send a confirmation email to the buyer, and the buyer will then have to complete a survey about the home.

The sales price for the home must be below the appraised value, but it is not required to be sold below $2.25 million.

For example, a home valued at $2,200,000 can be sold for $1.5 million on Ebates.

The home can be listed as either a “pre-built” home, a “kitchen,” or a “house,” the buyer can choose to have it listed as a “conventional” home.

For a pre-built home, the buyer would have to pay $200,0000.

The house could be sold at $1 million or $2M, and all other details can be negotiated.

For the same home on Ebbers site, the seller would have the buyer pay $300,000.

The listing would be the first of many to come in the next few weeks.

Ebay says it’s now the largest seller of pre-build homes on its platform.

It plans to launch a similar program on other platforms, such as Amazon, where it will make the homes available.

The company said it’s currently only focusing on homes sold through its Ebay site.

For those who don’t want to sell on Ebbs website, there’s also the option of listing the home in a local listing.

If the buyer does decide to take the leap, Ebay’s site will let them set the price and set a deadline for when they’ll receive the payment. 

Ebbs website has a similar “preview” feature for pre-construction homes, but Ebay is also launching a “built” listing feature for homes for sale.

Builders looking to sell their homes on Ebays for $2 million or less can now sell them online.A seller who…