Path of building pc builder website to be shut down in US due to gun maker

A path of building builder in the US has been shut down after a complaint was lodged with the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) over its business model.

The American website Path of Building is owned by the same company that owns the popular pc builder site, which was closed in November after a series of complaints to the FTC.

The FTC said the site had been offering a “buy one get one free” pc builder service for over two years, but in December the site was taken down because of a “failure to comply with FTC’s requirements”.

“Our complaint against Path of Builders alleges that the company’s business model, which allows PC builders to pay an upfront fee to purchase a PC from a PC manufacturer, fails to comply in that it fails to obtain consent from consumers,” the FTC said in a statement.

“Path of Build has failed to demonstrate to consumers that their PC purchase is a qualified purchase, fails not to require a consumer to obtain a product endorsement and fails to provide consumer notification and support to consumers regarding its potential defects.”

The site has also been accused of having a “peddling scheme” in which it sells counterfeit PC parts on eBay for as little as $10 and then reselling them.

Path of Building was shut down by the FTC in December and was not able to respond to the allegations.PC builder website pcpart, a site run by Path of Bricks, is owned and operated by the US-based company, which had a history of making complaints to FTC over its practices.”PC builder websites in the United States have been a source of frustration to consumers and investors in the past because of the large number of PC builder websites that have been shuttered in recent years, including the one we are involved in,” said the FTC’s vice-president for enforcement and consumer protection, Mary B. O’Connor.

Paths website is not the only site in the world to be closed down by regulators for breaching FTC’s rules.

The US Department of Justice also closed down a website run by a British company last year.

A path of building builder in the US has been shut down after a complaint was lodged with the US…