Who’s next in line for #MeToo?

A new survey conducted by a gender neutral dating app revealed that the majority of women are now asking for help in finding love.

The app, Tinder, is one of several dating apps in the market that allows users to share their story about their experience with a partner.

However, it is now being used to ask for help with their dating and romantic relationships.

The survey found that 73% of women surveyed had at least one partner in the past year and 75% said they were still interested in finding a long-term partner.

“We have seen an increase in conversations around women asking for advice and help with finding love, and that’s something we want to keep happening,” Tinder CEO Joe Sullivan said.

The number of women sharing their story of being rejected by their partners rose from 40% in April to 76% in June.

“That’s a really, really important thing, and we want our app to be a place where people feel empowered to say they’ve been rejected and want to share it,” Sullivan said.

“We think that people will find that more comfortable and more fun, and I think that’s the most valuable thing for us.”

While the majority (54%) of women said they had been rejected by a partner in their life, just 9% of men reported having done so.

Men reported that it was “not uncommon” for their partners to reject them in their relationship, but were also able to report they had never been rejected.

“I think there’s a lot of pressure to just be like, ‘This is a man, he has all the answers and everything is fine,’ and that doesn’t really work for most women,” Tinder founder Sean Rad told CNBC in May.

“They’re often saying that they’ve felt like they’re always the one being told what to do or when to be on time, and when you’re not there, they can say it’s because of the guy they’re with.”

But it’s not, in many cases, a man being the one who’s the victim.

It’s a woman saying that he’s the one that’s hurting, and then he’s saying ‘I’m just a bad partner.’

“The study also found that a majority of men said they felt comfortable saying ‘no’ to their partners without being called out.

The majority of both genders (59%) said they would not be comfortable with their partner telling them to ‘take it easy’ and being called ‘dumb’.

The survey also found the majority had been physically hurt by their partner and that 75% of partners said they thought about their partner’s partner.

The results are consistent with what the industry has found, with most men admitting to being physically hurt or emotionally hurt by a romantic partner.

However, the survey found more than half of women felt they had experienced some form of physical, emotional or sexual violence at some point in their relationships, with a third experiencing a sexual or physical assault at some stage.

More: Tinder’s first female CEO, Evan Williams, said he was “proud” to have been the company’s first woman to lead the company.”

What we’ve learned is that there’s still so much to learn about what it means to be female, and how to be successful in this space, and what it takes to be the best, most capable person we can be,” he said.

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A new survey conducted by a gender neutral dating app revealed that the majority of women are now asking for…