Why you should go to the capitol for a look at a giant, ugly, ugly building

DC: The capitol Building was built in the early 1900s to house the nation’s Congress, but it has taken on a life of its own.

It’s now a huge, ugly and, yes, expensive building.

Here’s what you need to know.1.

It was the first federal building to be designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, and its massive facade was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted.

Its design was inspired by the famous Gothic Revival-style dome that stands on the Capitol grounds.

The dome was first installed in 1924, when Olmstead and architect William E. Taylor proposed it for use as a “symbol of our nation’s democracy.”2.

Its main entrance is one of the largest in the country, with an entrance that’s six stories high.

It opens onto a courtyard with a circular stairway that runs down to the Capitol.3.

The building was built to accommodate the building of the US Capitol, which is what it’s known for.

It has four entrances and two levels of buildings, one for Congress, one each for the president and vice president and the vice president’s residence.4.

The Capitol Building was designed as an office building, but the building is actually home to two separate offices.

The Office of the President (O.P.) was created in 1924 to serve the president of the United States.

It includes the president’s personal office and the office of chief of staff.5.

The president’s office is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.6.

The House of Representatives is the chamber of Congress and contains the House, Senate and the Executive branch.

The Senate is the upper chamber of the legislature.7.

It is the third-largest federal building in the world, but its budget is smaller than that of the Pentagon.

The budget of the Capitol is $5.5 billion.8.

There are more than 60,000 people working in the building’s offices, from workers on Capitol Hill to those working at the National Archives and Records Administration.9.

The entire building, including the Capitol Rotunda, is designed by renowned architect Alfred Kahn.

Its six-story, 18-story building is named for Kahn, a former architect who worked for the Federal Reserve.10.

It also has a library and museums.

It houses the Library of Congress, which holds more than 2 million books, including a number of rare and rare books.

It hosts more than 300 museums, including an exhibit in the Capitol rotunda, which showcases the works of notable American artists, writers and sculptors.11.

The Washington Monument is the nation “greatest public memorial.”

The monument was built by Alexander Hamilton in 1794, and is the largest structure in the nation, surpassing the Pentagon and the U.S. Capitol Building.12.

It holds more monuments, including several other national landmarks, than any other building in Washington, D.C.13.

It can be reached by all but the most congested public transportation, including Metro and Amtrak.14.

It takes up about 1.4 acres of land in central Washington, which means the building has a lot of space to accommodate its many residents.15.

It serves as the main gateway to the nation in the Northeast, as well as connecting Washington, DC and Boston.16.

Its unique dome has a total surface area of 1,065,000 square feet (or about 1,000,000 sq. meters).17.

Its building was designed to be “a landmark in its own right, an icon in its nation’s capital,” and it has earned the nickname “the Great White House.”18.

Its interior is designed to resemble a “living room or a living room of a hotel,” according to the architects.

It contains a central fireplace, and a large conference room that can be set up on the ground floor.19.

The cap was originally intended to be a museum and a gallery, but since it was completed in 1921, it’s become a permanent building.20.

There’s no way to avoid being sucked into the Capitol building.

Its exterior, as seen from the roof, is a great place to stand on the building.21.

It will likely stay that way until the time the cap is torn down.

DC: The capitol Building was built in the early 1900s to house the nation’s Congress, but it has taken on…