Trump signs $1.6 trillion stimulus bill into law: Sources

The Department of Homeland Security and other federal agencies have signed a $1 trillion stimulus package into law, putting the Trump administration on a path to enacting the law’s largest infrastructure project in nearly a century.

The White House announced Friday that the $1,600 billion project would help fund 1.8 million miles of highway, 1.6 million miles for transit and 1.5 million miles to connect schools, libraries, parks and recreation facilities.

President Donald Trump has repeatedly praised the stimulus plan, calling it the largest infrastructure investment in American history.

The project will provide billions in new revenue for the federal government and will create nearly 4 million construction jobs.

President Trump’s administration has been pushing for a $10 billion boost in infrastructure spending over the next decade to build roads and other major projects.

“We’re taking the biggest infrastructure project of our lifetime and putting it into the hands of the American people,” White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Friday.

The Trump administration’s infrastructure plan has been under pressure to generate new jobs for millions of Americans and to help pay for massive increases in the number of federal construction projects, particularly in rural areas.

The president has repeatedly promised to build 1 million miles or more of high-speed rail, and to fund more than $3 trillion in construction projects in order to increase employment and boost the economy.

The stimulus bill was introduced by Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., and Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen, R-N.J., and passed both chambers unanimously.

“The President is now leading the fight to get our country back on track,” Sanders said in a statement.

“Today, he was joined by millions of hardworking Americans and his allies in Congress in a historic bipartisan agreement to finally create good-paying jobs in America.”

The bill would fund $4.5 trillion in projects across the federal budget, including $500 million in highway construction.

The $1 billion in infrastructure bill is the largest stimulus package in history and includes $1-billion for new public transit and $400 million in public schools.

Sanders said the bill will also include $800 million to pay for school bus and school bus drivers, as well as $100 million for teacher salaries.

Sanders added that the infrastructure bill also includes $150 million for new security cameras for federal workers.

“Our infrastructure is at a critical time in our country,” Sanders told reporters Friday.

“This is the best time to spend $1 in the history of the Federal Government to create good jobs and support a robust economy for Americans.”

The plan includes $600 million for transportation infrastructure projects, $100 billion for a new highway project and $100.7 billion for public transit.

The new stimulus package is the third major infrastructure bill passed by Congress since Trump took office.

Earlier this year, the Trump Administration announced $2.5 billion in additional spending for the Transportation Infrastructure Reinvestment Act.

That legislation, which passed both houses of Congress in January, was signed into law by Trump, boosting federal spending on road and rail projects.

The Transportation Infrastructure Act was also a major part of the $600 billion stimulus package passed by both chambers of Congress.

Earlier in the week, Trump announced $50 billion for the rebuilding of the nation’s bridges, highways and tunnels.

The Department of Homeland Security and other federal agencies have signed a $1 trillion stimulus package into law, putting the…