How to make a car from scratch – Part 2

A new car is only as good as the parts.

But a car can only be made as good if it’s made from the same materials as the engine.

So, the new build Jax build takes inspiration from an old car. 

This is a car built by a Japanese car maker.

“In this car, the car engine has been re-purposed as a turbine, the chassis has been recast and the wheels have been recasted,” says  Jax builder Yoshihiro Fujita, in his new project. 

“We want to create something very unique.

It’s really exciting.” 

A car made from recycled parts will need a lot of maintenance.

The team at Jax says their car has already undergone around 100 tests and they expect to continue to do so.

“As we go into production, we want to get this car up to speed,” says Fujita.

There is a new look to the new car’s styling.

“The exterior is all black, with red trim,” says Jax builder Yoshiharu Fujita on the new Jax J2 car.

 “The interior is made from white, with white trim.”

The new car has been developed by a small Japanese company called Jax, which has been building vehicles for over 30 years. 

The new J2 is expected to be the first of its kind, and will be the most expensive car Jax has built.

The Jax car is a hybrid, meaning it has two engines – a petrol engine and a diesel engine.

The diesel engine can run on gasoline or diesel fuel, and the petrol engine can be switched to a hybrid mode by a push of a button. 

Jax is making its first car, with a fuel cell and electric motor in the wings, but says it’s also developing more fuel cell powered cars. 

For Fujita and his team, it’s a challenge to make the car they want to build.

“We have been working on this car for 30 years,” he says.

“This is our first attempt at building something that is going to last for many, many years.”

A new car is only as good as the parts.But a car can only be made as good if it’s…