Super Smash Bros. 4 trailer features Rammus and more

By now, you’ve probably seen some footage of the Super Smash Brothers 4 trailer, and if you haven’t, it features a very interesting new character called Rammuses, voiced by actor Will Arnett.

You know him from his roles on Parks and Recreation and The Office.

The trailer was posted on March 13, but since then it has only been on the internet for a few days, but the first two episodes of the game are finally available.

There are two new characters, Rammu and the new Shulk, and they’ve got a few tricks up their sleeves.

It’s an interesting preview of what to expect from the upcoming game.

It has been a long time since we’ve seen a video from a video game trailer, but it’s a good one, and we can’t wait to see what’s next.

You can watch the trailer here.

Rammus, voiced in the first trailerThe Rammuss in the new trailer has a really cool move: He can throw out a huge ball of fire.

It looks like he’s doing something called a fireball throw.

It seems like he can use it as a means of damage, and his signature move is called the Meteor.

The game has been talking about a new character for a while now, so we’re glad to see the trailer finally showing off the Rammuse, who’s got some cool moves.

Rammas first move is a meteor, and it’s one of the new ones in the game.

The Meteor is like a super-charged, powerful, super-fast fireball, but you don’t get to throw it out at high speed.

You have to do a little dance, which involves a little footwork.

When you throw it, it explodes, sending the opponent flying a long way away.

This move is also called the meteor throw, and you have to be at the same height to throw out it.

The move can also be used as a super combo, and there’s a nice little animation where you’re holding down both buttons simultaneously, which is cool.

Rams second move is the meteor dash.

It starts out with a big ball of flames that you can launch at your opponent, which sends them flying into the air, landing on top of them.

Rams second meteor is also a super fast, super powerful, and super-powerful meteor, but with a little bit more range.

It can also send a projectile, which can hit things like a flying sword.

It is Ramm’s primary attack.

The meteor can also hurt people if you do it too far, so it’s good for a way to knock down enemies.

Ramiro is Rami’s first enemy in the trailer, with a super projectile that bounces off of his sword and explodes on impact.

You’ll need to get a little closer to Rami before you can throw him, but he’s a pretty good fighter in general.

Ramiro in the Super Metroid trailer.

Rama in the Metroid Prime trailer.

It seems like Rami is a bit of a badass, and he’ll have a lot of help from his teammates, including the two new fighters we’ve just seen.

Rama is a giant gorilla who’s basically the size of a large gorilla, with huge eyes and a tail that’s connected to a long, strong arm.

He has a special move called the Zoopa Bomb, which launches a big bomb that bounces around and hits anything it hits.

It does damage, but not very much.

This new move is super powerful.

You could knock out an entire enemy team, so Rama will definitely be a strong character.

Ramas two new teammates are the new Mii and the old Mii.

Rambos Mii is a young girl who likes to jump on the heads of enemies and attack them with giant punches.

The new MII is a little more powerful, as she can throw rocks that can hit up to three enemies.

The Mii can also use her fists to smash things with.

The only other character in the cast that hasn’t been shown yet is the robot Mii, but we’ll see him soon enough.

You also get to play as Mii’s robot twin, Mii-Owl, which will also help with Mii attacks.

There’s a ton of new content to play in Super Smash 4, and the trailer makes it clear that the game is going to be massive.

The Super Smash game has had a big resurgence in popularity recently, and this trailer shows off all of that, including a new mode called Smash 4: Battle Royale.

Smash 4 Battle Royale is basically the same mode as Smash 3, but this time you’ll be able to compete against your friends online against each other.

The mode is a lot like Smash 3 Battle Royale, and unlike the other two modes, it will be free to play, so there’s no in-game currency. This is

By now, you’ve probably seen some footage of the Super Smash Brothers 4 trailer, and if you haven’t, it features…