‘Catch up’: Nidalees in Irish sports are building muscle

Irish sports stars Ní Déna and Fergus Murphy, who have been featured in The Irish Independent’s coverage of Irish rugby, have been making their mark in a number of local leagues.

They were among more than a dozen Irish players at the Irish Rugby League National Championship in Kinsale, Co Kildare, for the club’s first ever tournament.

The men’s team, which was led by Ní and Fídín Ó Cuí, went out to beat the Blues and will hope to continue that momentum when they face St Patricks in the League 1A championship next month.

Speaking after the match, Ní said the goal is to get to the semi-finals of the tournament.

“If we can get to that, we will be looking to go to the final.

We want to get there.

It is a good start, we need to build on that and build on our strength and our work ethic.”

Murphy, a former professional rugby player who also played for Connacht, said the Ní’s experience in playing against professional teams had helped him prepare for the league.

“I think this is a big start for the Nids,” Murphy said.

“They are playing the best team in the league, the Blues.

It has been a long time since we’ve had a competition like this.

They are building on what they have been doing, it’s a really good challenge.”

He added: “I think that’s why they are so successful.

They play really well on the park.

I think they are getting better every week.”

The Nids, who finished third at the European Under-20 Championships in April, will look to improve on a 2-0 defeat by Connacht in the third round of the competition, while Connacht have won three of their last five games in the competition.

“They played very well.

I was pleased with the way they played against us.

They did a good job,” Murphy added.

“The game was very tight, it was a very good game, it went the distance and we got one point.

It was a really hard game for us, but we were pleased to win the game.”

Murcy, who made his international debut for Ireland in 2012, said that Ní, who played in the first ever international against the UK last October, had improved since his debut campaign in Ireland.

“The first time I came into Ireland, I didn’t know anything about rugby.

But I’ve been here since the age of 15 and we know how the game works,” Murphy told The Irish Post.

“We know the importance of the players and the importance they put on themselves.

I am happy for them to continue to grow.”

Murph, who is on the books of the Blues, said he was looking forward to a return to the international stage.

“It’s something that we are all very excited about.

It’s a big step, but one that I feel I’ve come to enjoy,” Murphy remarked.”

To play in the Champions Cup and win it is something I have been looking forward since I’ve played in Ireland.”

Irish sports stars Ní Déna and Fergus Murphy, who have been featured in The Irish Independent’s coverage of Irish rugby,…