A building code code error could be the reason behind ‘bizarre’ car crash in Melbourne

The building code has been “incorrectly” altered in a Melbourne building, a report has found.

Key points:Code experts say the code in question was written in 2009 and the code was updated in 2014A new study shows that it was likely the wrong code was usedThe report also shows that the code has now been correctedThe Victorian government is calling on all developers to update their code in a bid to prevent further problems in future.

The Victorian Building Code Commission said a recent study by the Building Codes Council found the code for the Melbourne’s West Melbourne Road development was written on March 3, 2009.

“We are not aware of any other example of this code being written in a similar way,” a spokeswoman for the commission said.

“The code for West Melbourne Rd is a more recent update than the code used for other properties.”

She said the commission was in the process of investigating the code and that the findings of the investigation were still being considered.

“As with any case of code revision, we are seeking clarification from the developer and/or developer partners and other stakeholders,” she said.

The report found the building code was revised in 2014 to fix a number of issues, including the addition of a third storey.

“When the West Melbourne Avenue section was updated to include the third storeys in the 2020/21, the revised code also removed the need for the new three storey height requirement,” the report said.

But the commission found there was still a need for more than two storeys, which could lead to some problems with future development.

“This result has a knock-on effect for future development in the area, especially in the form of further delays and delays for the rehabilitation of existing buildings,” the commission reported.

The commission also found that in some cases the code required the building to be designed with “the most minimal height requirements”, including the removal of the requirement for a minimum of two storey building height.

The new code was also amended to ensure that there were no more than three storeys on a single building site, instead of two.

The Commission found that the amended code did not reflect the requirements of other jurisdictions.

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The building code has been “incorrectly” altered in a Melbourne building, a report has found.Key points:Code experts say the code…