What is a pole building?

I have a question for the residents of Portland, Oregon, who are being asked to come up with a new name for the city’s poles and wires.

A pole is a small, cylindrical metal rod that is attached to a building.

It is usually made of galvanized steel or aluminum, but can also be made of wood, PVC pipe, or even wood trusses.

The name pole comes from the fact that the poles are made of metal and are used to make electrical connections, said Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler, who was also a member of the panel that created the name.

It has been my privilege to serve as Mayor of Portland and I will not miss it, Wheeler said.

Portland was not the first city to name a pole a building, said Mayor Sam Adams, a Democrat who was a member.

Other cities have included the Pioneer Courthouse, the city of Portland’s Public Library, the State House and the U.S. Capitol building.

But Wheeler said Portland’s decision was inspired by the Portland Public Library’s name, the City of Portland.

“It was really an interesting way to start,” he said.

The panel members have decided to call the pole a “pole house” or “pole building.”

They plan to keep the name as it is, but Wheeler said the panel will consider other names.

Wheeler said he will visit Portland soon to tour a few poles in the city.

He said he hopes to hear from people about their favorite names.

The name pole is part of the Portland Historical Commission’s Historic Preservation Advisory Committee.

Wheeler is the chairman.

Wheelers spokesman, Craig Smith, said the name pole will be retired in 2019.

Smith said the commission will use the name in a plaque on poles that are on display and on other public spaces, and on some city-owned property.

The committee is a panel that has been established by the City Council in 2008 to recommend name changes for the Portland buildings that have been identified as historic and valuable by the city and the state, Smith said.

He also serves as president of the committee.

Portland’s name pole was designed by Michael J. Cimino of the UMW, a nationally recognized architectural firm based in Portland.

It was built in 1949, according to a city news release.

Cimino, who has been working on the design for several years, also designed a name for a pole at the UAW plant in St. Louis, Missouri.

He was named the winner of the 2011 award for the most creative design for a public-private partnership project in the United States.

The Oregon Public Utility Commission is the authority that oversees the citys poles and wire service, and its design is subject to review by the commission.

I have a question for the residents of Portland, Oregon, who are being asked to come up with a new…