A look at how katarinina built a tiny house with an Arduino and Arduino-compatible microcontroller

In her latest blog post, katarins is sharing her DIY DIY house with the world, and the results are amazing.

The house was made from scratch, using 3D printed parts, a wood-frame frame and a lot of ingenuity.

She’s calling it a “tiny house, a microcontroller house, and a DIY-like platform.”

The house’s design is very simple, but very effective.

You can find a few pictures of the whole house here and here.

Here’s a quick rundown of what the house looks like.

The top left corner of the home has a tiny, two-story, double-height garage with a garage door and a garage entryway.

The back wall has a small kitchen, bathroom, and living room.

The kitchen is covered in an open mesh door.

The top of the garage has a roof deck and a skylight.

In the back corner, the entire front of the house has an outdoor patio.

The back of the kitchen has an open, sliding window.

The ceiling is covered with a mesh curtain, and there’s a little bit of a gap between the ceiling and the wall.

The roof deck has a skyle on it, so that it can be folded down to form a porch.

The front of all of the living room is covered by a mesh door, so you can see the entire floor.

The entire front has an outside patio.

The patio is covered completely in a mesh, and it has a big patio door on it.

The backyard has a large shed and a roof.

The backyard has another large shed, and this is the front porch.

The shed is completely covered in mesh, so there’s no visible space between the mesh and the roof.

This is the kitchen.

There’s a lot going on here.

The living room has a bunch of cabinets and drawers, a fridge, a sink, a microwave, and even a couple of tables.

There are two bathrooms.

The shower is a full length, and you can use it to wash yourself or wash other people.

The sink is also full of cabinets.

The garage is a nice little structure, with a large, metal door.

The kitchen has a lot more room for storage.

There is a sliding door between the living and the garage, and some sort of drawer that you can pull out to access the kitchen area.

There also is a metal door to the garage from the living area.

There are two windows on either side of the front door.

You get to see through both of these windows.

The outside is covered entirely with a canopy of fabric, so it looks like a roof with a lot less insulation.

The inside is a mesh canopy.

There is a very large window in the garage that can be opened up to a lot.

The garage has two sliding doors.

The front door has a full height opening, and both doors open into the living space.

The living room opens up to the backyard, so the front is accessible from the backyard.

The side door to garage is an open space that allows you to see outside.

This house is so tiny.

The only thing it takes to build this is a couple wires.

You will need to build the front, back, and sides of the building yourself.

It will take you about three hours to build, but the building is pretty easy to do.

It’s a bit of an engineering project, but not too hard.

If you are a DIYer, you will probably have a few people in your home who will help you out.

This home has been designed with a few different goals in mind.

She wanted to make a house that was portable, easy to assemble, and small.

She also wanted to be able to easily share her house with friends, family, or just the whole neighborhood.

This house is designed to have a lot for a tiny budget.

The house has a good amount of storage, a large amount of space, and easy access to it.

It is very easy to build.

You don’t need a lot or a lot and a bunch.

There will be lots of people in the house, so no one will be standing around waiting for you to do your project.

This is a pretty quick DIY project, and if you want to build a tiny home, this is your place to start.

In her latest blog post, katarins is sharing her DIY DIY house with the world, and the results are amazing.The…