Why do you want to build a steel home?

With a lot of construction jobs now on the decline, many Canadians are choosing to build their own homes instead.

The trend is gaining steam, as builders and homebuilders are now building more and more homes.

However, they’re doing so with little or no experience.

That’s making them a little more susceptible to problems when the time comes.

We spoke with the people who have made it their life’s work to build the homes that they love and want to live in.

We’re always trying to figure out the best ways to make our homes more attractive to people who are looking for homes and a place to live, and we’re really trying to find ways to build homes that people actually want to buy,” says Scott Ragan, an engineer with the University of Windsor.

Ragan is one of the most experienced builders in the province.

His company, Rengar Builders, specializes in custom home building.

His first two projects were on the west side of Toronto.

Rengard Builders has a long list of projects, ranging from a home on a lakefront property in the GTA to a three-bedroom condo in Vancouver.

But this past fall, Ragan had a serious problem.

“But I had just gotten the call from my friend who was saying, ‘We’re going to build you a home. “

I don’t think we should do it yet, because it’s really scary,” says Ragan.

“But I had just gotten the call from my friend who was saying, ‘We’re going to build you a home.

We’re going, ‘Oh, my God, we’re going,'” said Ragan about his friend’s reaction.

Rogan knew it was a good time to do it, so he set out to start building a house.

He knew he wanted to be very careful with the details, because he had built several of these homes in the past.

“You can make these kinds of decisions based on a lot more than what’s on the surface,” says RengaBuilders owner, Scott Raggs.

“And I’m not sure how many people would be able to do that.”

He and his team spent a month on site.

They built three bedrooms and two baths.

He did the plumbing and the exterior finishing, and the roof, he says, was done by hand.

The house sits on an acre of land, and Ragg’s father lives there.

He had to pay $2.9 million for it, but he’s happy with the outcome.

“I was very fortunate that my father had a lot, so I had a chance to build something that would be good for him,” says he.

“It’s a great, beautiful house.

It’s not really anything that anybody would want to have.””

It’s one of those houses that is a real rarity, because I think most of the time we would think that if we build it, it’s a good thing,” says Bruce MacNeil, the vice president of commercial real estate development at Reggar Build.

Raggs and his wife decided to build it on their own because they were already married.

“We had a wonderful relationship before,” he says.

They started working on the home in August and had a couple of months to finish.

The rest of the house was finished in the spring of 2018.

It includes a full kitchen, living room, and kitchenette.

Roggs and MacNeil bought the house for $250,000, but they had to spend $350,000 to get it approved by the province and the federal government.

They say they paid more because they had more money to invest in renovations, landscaping, and roofing.

They say they built it for $1,000 a month.

“That’s what they had money for,” says MacNeil.

“Because we could have done this in a month, it was not going to be cheap.”

“We wanted to make it affordable,” says MacDonald.

“When you look at the money that’s going into this house, the house itself, it is not cheap, but it’s affordable,” he adds.

Ragg and MacNery say they’re happy with their results.

“They’ve done it right,” says the couple.

“In terms of cost per square foot, it looks like a great deal.

We were very fortunate to be able have that kind of money to spend.”

The home is now up for sale.

“As soon as we sell the house, we’ll have our cash flow and we’ll move forward,” says Renee MacNeil about her husband’s work.

“My husband’s a very dedicated person, and I think that he’s a hard worker.

He’s done the right thing.

I think it’s an example that we need to look to and say, ‘Let’s take this further.'”

MacNeil and her husband say they feel very lucky to have their own home built on their terms.

“It was an amazing experience,” says McDonald.

“Our house is the only home we

With a lot of construction jobs now on the decline, many Canadians are choosing to build their own homes instead.The…