What to expect from this weekend’s NYC Pride festival

NYC Pride Festival: Sunday, July 17 – Saturday, July 19 | 10:00 am to 3:00 pm (EDT) | NYC’s Pride parade will start at Central Park.

 This year, the parade will run from Liberty Avenue to Central Park West.

The parade route starts at Central Square.

There are two main stages at the festival, with each stage having about 70,000 people in attendance. 

The main stage is a giant rainbow, with a giant “E.”

At the end of each stage, a rainbow flag will float and the parade runners will start running.

The main parade route runs along Liberty Avenue from the West Village to the Bronx.

Central Park West: Central park west is a blocklong, 6.5-mile (9.6 km) trail that is a major route for runners on the Pride Parade route.

At Central Park, you’ll see signs with the names of the parade participants and events.

Park entrance is on the north side of the intersection of Broadway and Central Park Avenue, in front of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.

When the parade gets to the park, you can see a sign that reads, “In honor of NYC Pride, we will be taking a photo with you!”

It will take about 30 seconds for this sign to go up.

Once you get past the sign, you will see the parade running along Central Park west, where you can get out and enjoy the view from Central Park on a beautiful day.

A large group of runners will also gather around Central Park as the parade starts to move north.

You can see from the picture above that the runners are also getting ready for the Pride parade, which starts at 8:30 a.m. at Central park west. 

Central Park: The parade runs for about 3 hours, and the event is set to last about an hour.

If you want to take the Pride route, you should arrive at Central and Broadway at 10 a.t. for the beginning of the event. 

Once the Pride runners are done, you get to the Liberty Avenue Bridge, which will take you over to Central park east.

For those who want to go back, you have the option of starting from the Liberty entrance, which takes you directly to the Pride entrance.

After the Pride event, you may want to check out the Central Park East, which is the main route to the Central park parade.

Some of the areas that will be covered include Central Park South and Central park West.

PARKING If the parade is too crowded, you might want to head to your neighborhood’s Central Park and take in the view. 

Park entrance to the parade location is on Central Park’s West side.

Many people will be on foot, so you might need to find a park with plenty of parking to park in. 

If you are heading northbound, you could take the Broadway subway to Grand Central Station.

You could also take the Penn Station shuttle bus, which can take you to and from the Pride events. 

At Penn Station, you need to use a ticket machine to enter the subway station.

If you do not have a ticket, the train will give you one at the front desk, and you can scan the ticket to get one free. 

Some stations have shuttle buses, which you can use to get to Penn Station.

Follow these directions to get onto the subway, which includes walking from Grand Central station to Penn station.

This map will guide you to the bus terminal for the Penn station shuttle bus. 

After getting on the bus, you walk to the end, where a train is waiting for you. 

Here is how you will get to Liberty Avenue: If there is an entrance at Liberty Avenue, there will be a sign with the name of the Pride group.

Take the Liberty-bound train.

Walk north on Liberty Avenue. 

Walk west on Liberty.

Get off the train at Liberty. 

Take a left onto Liberty Avenue South.

Head north on Central Street.

Turn right onto Central Street South. 

Turn right into Central Park at the intersection with Liberty Avenue West. 

When you get onto Central Park street, take a right onto the plaza. 

Follow the signs for the parade. 

There will be an entrance to Liberty.

You will have to walk through a security gate. 

You will have a line of people waiting. 

As soon as you enter the park and are within the line of sight of the security gate, you are allowed to enter. 

Do not enter the street if you are not in line of vision. 

It is possible to cross the street without crossing a guardrail, but you may get in trouble for doing so. 

Please be respectful of the line, but do not be afraid to take your

NYC Pride Festival: Sunday, July 17 – Saturday, July 19 | 10:00 am to 3:00 pm (EDT) | NYC’s Pride…