When is the Raiders season going to start?

The Raiders are scheduled to host the Tennessee Titans on Sunday night, and while we won’t get to see them in the dome on the big screen, we can see them on television, thanks to a new, much-anticipated, TV-free viewing option for the team.

According to a statement from the NFL Network, the new viewing option will allow viewers to “see the Raiders in their home arena” when they visit a Raiders game for the first time, and it will “allow them to catch the game in their living room with their friends and family.”

As a result of the viewing change, the Raiders will no longer be able to be shown on the scoreboard and stadium’s main entrances, and the Raiders have been forced to change their broadcast strategy in the coming weeks.

That means that in the future, the team will no long be shown from the Coliseum, but rather, from its main facilities, such as its locker rooms and practice facilities.

The Raiders have also announced that the team’s official Twitter account will be tweeting about the new TV-Free viewing option as soon as the NFL’s TV blackout ends on Oct. 31.

The team’s Twitter account also revealed that it will be posting updates throughout the day on Twitter, via Twitter’s new “Up Next” feature, that will provide fans with information on the upcoming games and upcoming television dates.

“This is our first TV-FREE experience for fans to watch the Raiders from home, and we are so excited to show them that they can finally watch us play in the Coliseum with their family and friends,” said Raiders coach Jack Del Rio in the statement.

“We can’t wait to share with our fans and everyone else that we are doing everything we can to get the season back on track.”

The new viewing feature will be available to all fans who subscribe to NFL Mobile, an NFL mobile app that allows viewers to stay connected with their favorite teams and games.

In the statement, the NFL said that “upcoming NFL Mobile TV shows are set to include the Pittsburgh Steelers, Baltimore Ravens, San Francisco 49ers, and Washington Redskins,” as well as the Chicago Bears, Kansas City Chiefs, Miami Dolphins, Philadelphia Eagles, and New Orleans Saints.

The Raiders are scheduled to host the Tennessee Titans on Sunday night, and while we won’t get to see them…